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What is BulletPro?

Bullet Pro strives to be the most practical workspace for anything that uses bullets in your 2D games, whatever the gameplay.
Without requiring a single line of code, you can handle pooling, movement, collisions, and so much more for all your hitboxes.
Feel free to use it in:

In a nutshell: if your 2D game contains "something that shoots", BulletPro should be your default solution.

UX as the main focus

The tool's main guidelines are the following:

Performance: strengths and limitations

BulletPro handles around 1500 bullets at once without a problem, on most PC/console/mobile platforms, thanks to GPU-based collisions.
Since these GPU-based collisions are not available for WebGL, in web-browser games BulletPro can still be used but non-circle bullets will drop the framerate. Same goes for somewhat complex behaviours, such as bouncing off walls.

How do I get it?

BulletPro is available on Unity's Asset Store - click here!
Some resources are available for free:
Quickstart Guide 1
Quickstart Guide 2
Full user manual
Online Script Reference

Questions, support, suggestions, report a problem:

You can send a mail to ominous.lab@gmail.com.