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SlopeZones 2D

For anyone who ever made a platforming game, slopes are the bane of existence.

One day I said: "screw 2D physics, I wish the ground was made of AnimationCurves", then made SlopeZones out of frustration.
It worked better than expected!

SlopeZones is a Unity plugin that enables 2D platforming on any diagonal and/or curved surface, by generating the ground from an AnimationCurve.

How does it work?

A "SlopeZone" is a trigger in which objects are considered "grounded" at a variable height level, based on a curve. Although it is purely a mathematical object, the associated gizmo can also be exported as a Mesh, so an artist can easily paint the environment and have graphic assets that match the level design.

How do I get it?

At the moment, SlopeZones isn't available on Asset Store, but you can contact me for trying it out.